Bruce Butch Gillespie for MT State Senate District 9


Welcome to the official website of Bruce "Butch" Gillespie, Montana State Senator, District #9.

Bruce Butch Gillespie

Bruce "Butch" Gillespie

Lifetime Rancher & Promoter of Livestock Nutrition and Genetics

Your Advocate for Solutions that Benefit our Way of Life and Rural Small Town Communities

Bruce "Butch" Gillespie and his wife, Doreen, ranch in the Kevin and Ethridge area. They take great pride in caring for the land. For many years, they have raised calves to sell to youth for show projects in 4-H, FFA, and Junior Livestock Programs. They enjoy being a part of the next generation's success in agriculture and beyond.

Butch has always been very active in the community. Whether it be 4-H committees, livestock associations, school boards – Butch always makes time to be proactive in supporting the local community. 

Knowledgeable, patient and kind, Butch always has a way with words. He seeks to gain knowledge and information, not by talking- but by listening. If Butch has an opinion, well you can be for certain that he has done his research on the matter. That doesn't mean that he's not open to new ideas, though. He's always up for a good discussion or visit.

There's always ways to make things better. Working together – Great things can be accomplished.

Committees Served & Offices Held:

  • Vice President of the Marias River Livestock Association
  • Marias Fair 4-H Livestock Board
  • 4-H Committees (Local and State wide)
  • MSU Animal and Range Sciences Advisory Committee
  • Montana Stockgrowers Association
  • U.S. Cattlemen's Association
  • Cut Bank School Board (Nine years total, three as Chairman)
  • Church Finance Committees

From Butch: A Reason for Leadership


Montana and Senate District 9 is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. We are blessed with an abundance of natural resources to care for and benefit from.

We are the Treasure State.

We must promote, cheerlead for, and strive for an economic climate that provides even better opportunities for all our young people to stay here and raise their families.

I will use my talents, enthusiasm, and skills to do just that. I welcome creative ideas that anyone can share. I will do the best job possible to leave future generations a beautiful state filled with opportunities.



Montana ~ The Wonderful State We Live In

So Much to be Thankful For

Montana is called the treasure state for good reason. Beautiful mountains, streams and rivers, vast plains of native grass and farm ground, a clean pristine environment – all contribute to a great place to call home.

Our natural resources make it possible to live and build a future here. Our native grass prairies raise some of the best cattle in the world. Many acres of farm ground are producing higher yields and a greater variety of crops than ever. This amounts to half of our economy and with the help of our MSU Research Stations and Extension, this is advancing by the year. Couple that with our vast amount of timber, oil and gas, coal, as well as wind and solar farms being developed – that all adds to our economy and fuel supply.

Mining is a great part of our history and economy. Attracted by our scenic beauty and landscape, fantastic fishing streams and great hunting experiences - tourism flourishes across our state and contributes to our economy. So much to be thankful for.



Advocate & Educate

It is so important to appreciate our God given resources and advocate for them, but also educate ourselves and others on why they are so vital and important to our Montana economy. I look forward to taking on a bigger role, by representing our area in the Montana State Legislature.



Sustainability & Natural Resources

Sustainability is something we hear a lot about these days; especially with regards to our natural resource industries, which is valid concern. I consider myself environmentally friendly. Nothing is more inviting that a clear pristine stream, our snow covered mountains on a clear day, or green grass and farm fields in the spring and early summer. I do think we often see use as abuse and that could not be further from the truth. Proper use is a beautiful thing. Our beautiful short prairie grass lands thrive when used properly and get stagnate with no use.



Challenges & Opportunities

Our challenge is to convert our resources into a better brighter future for all of us; especially our young people. We need more opportunities for our youth to invest and make their future right here in rural Montana. This may be on the farm or ranch, main street business, or any other industry of choice.

The end goal in mind is that we provide an opportunity for these young people to create a bright future and raise a family in a great community.



Unintentional Consequences & A Need to Defend

For many, the big city life and congestion is their cup of tea. For most of us, life in Montana is our cup of tea. We have so much that we tend to take for granted. This is a way of life we need to defend and advocate for. It is so easy, with well-intentioned ideas from afar, to screw up a good thing. We must be mindful of unintentional consequences and how they might affect our way of life.



Strong Communities & Our People

What drives our state and local communities to stay vibrant and competitive (while being more rural and lacking the big industrial manufacturing complexes helping with the tax base)?

I believe the answer is very simple: It’s the people. It’s the people that go the extra mile every day to keep our communities and businesses afloat. It’s the people that we depend on, who stay around a little longer to get the work done. It’s the people who serve the customers.

It’s the people who volunteer their time as youth leaders in 4-H and Scouts, fundraising efforts, extracurricular events, etc. Let’s not forget about our fire fighters. It’s all of these people, working together, that drive our strong communities.